Rocketminds - The TEDxRheinMain Event @ ESA

Event Details


Mai 8th, 2014


5pm - 11pm


ESOC, Darmstadt / Germany


Isaac NewtonRocketminds are people with ideas worth spreading.

People, for whom not even space is the limit, who go beyond taking the next step – think far, prepare for the long haul. They look at our planet and see the future. They look at the sky and see opportunities. They do not simply think outside the box, but take the box and turn it into a multidimensional space, making it bigger on the inside.

We want to invite 6 Rocketminds to come and share their ideas at our next TEDxRheinMain event at the European Space Agency in Darmstadt, so that they can inspire all of us to realize their vision – launch your own Rocketideas.


Dr. Gernot Grömer

Dr. Gernot Grömer (Astrobiologist and President of the Austrian Space Forum) explores the challenges of sending humans to the Red Planet in a quest for traces of life and talks first-hand about Mars analog missions.[more]

Stefania Druga

Stefania Druga (Founder of Hackidemia and Afrimakers, former Googler) is bringing technology and education to places without proper training, educating kids all over the world to become tomorrows Rocketminds. [more]

Lauri Neuvonen

Lauri Neuvonen (space exploration enthusiast with a regular day-job) takes us on a grass-roots journey towards new worlds motivated and guided by one question: What does it mean to be human in space? [more]

Prof. Dr. Marco Durante

Prof. Dr. Marco Durante (GSI, Director of the Biophysics Department and President IARR) will talk about how colliding heavy ions can keep astronauts happy and healthy in space. [more]

Dr.-Ing. André Schiele

Dr.-Ing. André Schiele will explore how robotics technology developed for the ISS may enable a breakthrough for robotics technologies on Earth.

Candace Johnson

Candace Johnson, co-initiator of SES and the architect of SES Global, will share with us the personal story of how she continues to use the power of satellites to bring positive transformative change to the global society.[more]

Dirk Wagner

HOST: Dirk “Raketen” Wagner (hr-info) radio moderator and aerospace expert.

Thomas Reiter

OPENING SPEECH: Thomas Reiter. Astronaut and director of ESA’s Directorate of Human Spaceflight and Operations.